Write to Luke

Please, please, please write to Luke. One of the worst parts of prison is the isolation, so we must do everything we can to keep him as connected to his community and supporters as possible. We encourage folks to organize letter writing nights so they can write to Luke (and other prisoners if they so choose) together. He will appreciate all supportive communication he gets. As of September 19 2014, Luke has been transferred to his permanent facility at Washington State Prison in Davisboro, GA. His address is:

Luke Patrick O’Donovan
Washington State Prison
P.O. Box 206
Davisboro, GA 31018

If you’ve never written someone in prison before, you should check out these tips.

Regarding books and packages: Luke is pretty limited as far as receiving packages goes. Basically only letters can be sent directly to Luke. We are able to send him packages periodically through an inmate package service (this service is only available to those on Luke’s visitation list). Donating money to the PayPal account helps us get these packages to Luke which can contain clothing, cds, and other items. While Luke can receive books, he has asked us to help control the flow of books coming in so that this option is not taken from him. If you are interested in sending a book to Luke, please send us an email and we will help you. Please remember that nothing other than letters can be directly mailed to Luke’s address. Thank you!

The following video was recorded in the event that Luke went to prison, and details things he’d like to be written about: